Managr Switched From Zoominfo to Hunter for Ease of Use and Reliability

Managr  Switched From Zoominfo to Hunter for Ease of Use and Reliability

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Managr is an AI platform designed for Public Relations. It updates you on the latest news, writes personalized media pitches, and helps you find the right journalists. You can give Managr a try at

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As an innovative AI-enabled product, using cold outreach made sense for Managr as a way to bring qualified prospects onto their website.

Plus, sending cold emails means Managr is “drinking its own champagne” –  the tool's AI capabilities empower PR professionals who want to reach journalists in a timely and relevant manner.

Managr’s outreach before Hunter

Michael Gorodisher, Managr’s founder and CEO, has years of outreach experience under his belt.

“I’ve always used a tool like Hunter to find phone numbers and email addresses. And I still cold call.”

He discovered Hunter around 2019 and used the free version for multiple years. Even with the limited pool of credits, Michael relied on Hunter to verify the contact information he would find elsewhere. Initially, however, he didn’t want to move to a paid plan with Hunter as he relied on other tools that also provided phone numbers.

“I started originally with Lusha as the Head of Sales in Meltwater. Then, about three years ago, I started using Zoominfo (at Managr) because they had the best phone number accuracy.”

However, as Michael’s outreach efforts gravitated toward cold email and his need to find phone numbers diminished, he needed a trustworthy email data provider.

Moving to Hunter

To book as many meetings and demos as possible, it’s vital for Michael that his contact data is accurate so that a high bounce rate doesn’t make his emails land in the spam folder.

And that’s where Hunter excels – Michael says that in his years of relying on Hunter, he never got a bounce back on a verified Hunter email address.

After five years of using and enjoying Hunter on a free plan, making an upgrade for more Email Finder and Verifier credits was the obvious choice.  

“What I enjoy most about Hunter is the affordability and the data accuracy. I love both the Finder and the Email Verifier!”

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