LevelUp Leads Relies on Hunter Data for Lead Generation

LevelUp Leads Relies on Hunter Data for Lead Generation

LevelUp Leads is a lead generation agency with offices in California and Colombia. Its services, geared toward startups and SMBs, include designing email campaigns to generate interested leads as well as providing human-validated contacts found in real-time.

As a lead generation agency, the quality of email data is vital for LevelUp Leads.

John Karsant, the company’s CEO, says Hunter is an essential piece of their outreach tool stack:

"Hunter has allowed us to determine whether an email is valid and helps us find alternative emails if we can’t find a valid email for a particular contact.”

John has had eight years of experience using Hunter, and after testing it against other tools, he decided Hunter would be the best choice for his team.

“We’ve tried some other email verifiers, but Hunter gave us the most flexible plan for bulk verifying, manual verifying, and searching for emails.”

The team at LevelUp Leads primarily uses Hunter to find and verify email addresses in bulk.

“We’ve stuck with Hunter for years, and it has given us the most confidence and bang for our buck when it comes to finding and validating emails.”

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