Darwinbox Doubled SQL Reply Rate With Hunter

Darwinbox Doubled SQL Reply Rate With Hunter

Meet Darwinbox

Darwinbox enables enterprises and growing businesses to automate their day-to-day HR processes, deliver actionable insights, and build better workplaces. Darwinbox serves over 900 organizations and 2.5M employees across 116+ countries.

Multiple teams at Darwinbox, including sales and marketing, use email outreach in their day-to-day activities, which means they require reliable email-finding and verification solutions.

The outreach process at Darwinbox

The Darwinbox team is using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo.io, and Cognism to identify leads aligned with their ICP. Their main target persona encompasses HR professionals, but they also look for C-level executives when targeting enterprise organizations.

Debabrata Chandra, Marketing Strategy and Operations Specialist at Darwinbox, says: “Once we identify an initial email address, we rely on Hunter to provide a second layer of verification. If we can’t find any contact information, we try different combinations, and Hunter gives us valuable insights on whether the email address is valid or not.”

Prior to using Hunter, Darwinbox used Neverbounce for email verification. Facing a worryingly high bounce rate, the team decided to look for alternative solutions and identified several other tools for email verification.

“The main problem with Neverbounce was it displayed many "unknown" and "accept-all" addresses,” says Debrabata.

After trying the alternatives for several weeks and running tests based on an internal dataset, Darwinbox decided to switch to Hunter. “With Hunter, there was a 15-20% improvement in specifically defining whether an address is valid or invalid.”

Why Darwinbox chose Hunter

Aside from the superior data quality, the Darwinbox team appreciated Hunter’s flexible pricing and the stellar support from the customer success team.

Siddhartha Jain, Head of Marketing Strategy and Operations at Darwinbox, says: “With Hunter, we were able to seamlessly switch to a higher plan without losing any credits. At the same time, the customer support is really amazing. At any point in time, we reach out to Giovanni or Ana (from Hunter’s support team), and they are super fast at getting us quality results.”


Being able to identify more accurate contact information, the Darwinbox team saw a significant increase in conversations started with sales-qualified leads.

“Our response rate from our outreach to SQL (sales-qualified leads) increased from 6% to 12% because we have the right email addresses at the right time. It's one of the metrics that improved for us tremendously,” says Siddhartha.

Debabrata Chandra adds that managing multiple user seats has been a breeze with Hunter: “The platform is very good with onboarding new users, and being able to easily control user access at the admin level has been helpful.”

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