Canva Relies on Hunter for SEO Growth

Canva Relies on Hunter for SEO Growth

Meet Canva

With over 100 million users and 3,500 employees, Canva needs little introduction. It’s a leading platform for graphic design, helping its customers craft social media graphics, website wireframes, presentations, infographics, and more.

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How Canva is using Hunter

The SEO team at Canva employs Hunter’s Domain Search and Email Verifier in their outreach campaigns. The goal is to build relationships with other websites and publishers in order to promote Canva’s products and new features.

Gelo Amonelo, SEO Specialist at Canva, says Hunter is essential because it helps quickly find the right people to contact at any company based on domain names.

“We discovered Hunter while researching solutions to our email-finding woes. It was recommended by multiple colleagues and had a strong reputation for accuracy and reliability.”

Workflow and toolset

Canva’s SEO team starts its outreach campaigns by identifying pages to promote on and prospecting for potential marketing partners.

After finding qualified prospects, Canva turns to Hunter’s Domain Search to find trustworthy email data at scale. The Domain Search helps the SEO team at Canva find the available email addresses for any given website, and easily choose the specific people to contact.

The surfaced email addresses also go through Hunter’s email verification to avoid contacting invalid recipients.

The contact information is then uploaded to Buzzstream, which Canva uses for its CRM capabilities.

Gelo Amonelo from Canva says his team found the right balance using two tools: Hunter for precise email finding and verification and Buzzstream as our central hub for managing outreach campaigns and relationships.”

Canva’s results with Hunter

  • Higher quality leads: Thanks to Hunter, Canva’s marketing team can contact the right people with accurate email addresses.
  • Lower bounce rates: Their emails reach the inboxes instead of bouncing back, lowering the domain’s sender reputation.
  • Streamlined workflow: Finding and verifying emails is much faster and more efficient.

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