What's new at Hunter — May/June 2022

Our two-month Engineering Cycle has just ended, so it’s the perfect time to share our technical achievements. As always, they consist of a mix of frontend and backend changes that our users can immediately benefit from. Good reading!

Welcoming a new team member: Mark

Mark, from the Netherlands, joined us at the beginning of June as a Software Engineer to strengthen our Rails team. Being in the development industry for more than 20 years, he’s bringing his seniority and expertise to the company. And actually, his first achievement, Custom Tracking domains, is already live 👇

Custom tracking domains in Campaigns

Until now, our customers could not use their own tracking domain in Campaigns. This was problematic for those eager to control their deliverability and sender reputation. With this new feature (available from the Growth plan), users now can register a custom domain that will be used:

  • to track the openings and clicks
  • in the link to unsubscribe
  • to deliver the image(s) of the email.

This way, an email sent with Hunter Campaigns will only contain content the customers have control over. Check it out in Hunter Campaigns to try it!

Importmap for the public pages

Rails 7 has introduced Importmap as a default approach to load the frontend assets (JS and CSS files). Until now, we didn’t profit from it: it’s now something from the past. We moved our entire legacy JavaScript files and our third party imports to Importmap for better performance of our public pages.

There’s still some work to be done (migrating the Stimulus controllers and the CSS files, in particular), but the transition has started and will be finished in the coming months.

Handlebars phase-out

Rails 7 came with not only Importmap but also Turbo. This framework makes server-side rendering (in response to Ajax requests) so easy that we’ve taken it as an opportunity to remove any client-side templating, which we previously did with Handlebars.

We’re done with the phase-out on the public pages of hunter.io. The transition on the dashboard is coming soon!

A fully-internationalized dashboard

Started at the previous Cycle, we continued our way on making Hunter.io available in multiple languages, starting with French. Our dashboard is now fully internationalized (thanks Jean-Romain for the help on this one) so a 100%-French experience of Hunter has never been so close 🥐 We’ll keep you updated!

An updated version of our Chrome extension

We moved our Chrome extension to Manifest V3, which brings some great enhancements in terms of security, privacy, and performance. We took this as an opportunity to simplify the code overall and reduce our usage of external scripts. With a rating of 4.7/5 from more than 12k reviews, the users of our extension seem to enjoy it.

A few words on data

Improving the quality and quantity of our data is a daily commitment. While this roundup doesn’t contain any reference to updates or changes on this front, be sure that we’ve been actively working on that topic. In particular, in our wish to gather new sources of data. More news soon 👀

These are our main achievements for the past two months. As always, feel free to contact us for any questions related to our processes (we use Shape Up from Basecamp), our tools (we organize ourselves with Linear) or our company.

And don’t forget to check our Careers page if you consider joining us: we currently have 3 open positions 🔥

We wish you a great summer!