Subject: Inside look at [[name of your product or service]]

Hi {{first_name}}, this is freaking awesome.

I had to show you this.

I’m in the middle of [[what you’re creating]] about [[benefit about why you’re creating this product or service]].

[[screenshot or GIF of a quick inside look at the product]]

See, here’s the brilliance of [[benefit]]:

Once you know [[what they’ll know after they’ve gone through your product or service]], you [[what they’ll do different]].

I used to have to [[what your reader is currently doing because they don’t have the insight of your product or service]].

Then I’d [[what your reader is currently doing]]. But now… oh baby, the game has changed.

I don’t have to wait [[what your reader is doing now]].

I can [[the cool thing your reader can do after they get your product or service]].

I show you the full details inside [[name of your product or service]].

[[sign off]],

[[your name]]

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