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  • At what time my request resets?
    Your requests reset at 00:00 UTC on the expected renewal date.
  • If a request returns no results, does it count against me?
    Certainly not. When a Domain Search or an Email Finder request doesn't return a result, the request isn't counted.
  • How are requests counted for Domain Searches that return thousands of email addresses?
    For Domain Search, a single request is counted every 10 email addresses returned for one domain (every page). You can set the maximal number of email addresses returned for each domain if you click on "Advanced options".
  • What does “usage/request reset” mean?
    This refers to your requests usage going back down to 0.
  • Do unused requests from a previous month carry over?
    Unfortunately, no. Your requests will just reset, and unused requests will not carry over.
  • What about repeat searches made using Hunter’s Chrome extension or Google Add-on?
    Requests are counted the same way whenever they are done, using the web app, the API, the Chrome extension, the add-on for Google Sheets or any other product.
  • Do requests reset at the beginning of every month?
    Yes! Your requests usage resets at the beginning of your account cycle (depending on when you created your account). This applies for both free accounts and subscriptions.
  • Does each team member get the number of requests shown on the pricing chart?
    No. Each team member added to a subscription will use their 100 free requests, then share the available requests in the premium plan.
  • What does "requests available insufficient" mean?
    This means that you do not have enough requests available to complete the domain search or email verification you are currently trying to run. You'll have to wait until your renewal period (every month from when you create your account or purchase a plan) or upgrade to a new plan that will give you more requests per month!
  • Can I see my usage metrics?
    Yes, just access to your Hunter dashboard and click on your name in the top-right corner to have an overview of your current usage. If you want a detailed report of your usage, visit your API page and the history of your requests.
  • How are requests counted in Hunter?

    Requests in Hunter are counted as follows:

    • 1 request is counted every 10 email addresses found p/domain with a Domain Search.
    • 1 request is counted for every email processed in the Email Verification and every email found with the Email Finder.
    • Our Bulk tasks will provide the number or requests needed to process a CSV or txt file based on the previous criteria.
  • What is a request?

    On Hunter, your usage is measured with requests. The different types of requests are:

    • Domain search: the search of a domain name that returns the email addresses with this domain found on the web.
    • Email Finder: the search of an email address from a first name, last name, and a domain name.
    • Email Verification: the verification of an email address to check if it is deliverable or not
  • Are the same requests, made several times, counted each time?
    No. Repeated requests are counted once per billing period. Please note that Hunter won't detect duplicated emails or rows in 2 or multiple CSV files processed with Hunter's bulk features.
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