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  • Can I be member of multiple teams?
    You can only be a member of one team only. Please note that you can join a team only if you have a Free Plan or if you do not have an account in Hunter.
  • How do I add a team member?
    You can add a team member through your account in your team page. All you need to do is type the email address of the person you'd like to add and send them an invite! An invitation can be sent to already existing accounts or new users that haven't signed up yet.
  • How do I remove a team member?
    The administrator can remove any team member clicking on the "x" icon next to his/her name on the "Team" section.
  • How do I get added as a team member?
    Please ask the subscription holder to invite you to join in as a team member! He/she can do this by sending you an invite via the "Team section".
  • Can I share my subscription with my team?
    Absolutely! You are free to add team members to share your subscription with. In this case, all the members will share the common monthly quota allowed by the subscription.
    You can invite a new user to join your team in the "Team" section of your account.
  • How can I change the team admin?
    One time can only have one admin. If you need to change the admin associated with your team please contact us.
  • How are the monthly requests shared inside a team?
    Each team member can access to the total amount of requests associated with the subscription during the billing period. There are no limitations on a user level.
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