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  • Can I cancel or change my subscription when I want to?
    Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in the "Subscription" section of your account. Once you have cancelled, you'll still have access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription month.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, go on your subscription page, and click the "Cancel my subscription" link at the bottom of the page.
  • Do subscriptions auto-renew every cycle?
    Yes! Unless you cancel your subscription before your billing cycle renews, you will automatically be charged for the next month.
  • What is the subscription cycle?
    Your subscription cycle begins when you buy the plan, and renews every 30-31 days depending on the month and how many days it has. For example, if you begin your plan on December 25, your cycle will renew on January 25.
  • If I change my subscription, is the new subscription available to me immediately?
    Yes, the new subscription will be applied and you will have access to the new number of requests immediately. The only reason this would not be the case is if your account gets frozen upon purchase, in which case you should get an email from us with the necessary steps to fix this.
  • Why are your plans called subscriptions?
    This is because your paid plan will renew every month unless you cancel your subscription before your billing cycle renews.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription at any time?
    Absolutely! You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time based on your needs.

    If you downgrade your subscription, the new plan will be applied at the end of your current billing period.

  • If I cancel my plan early, will I be refunded a partial amount?
    No. In this case, when you cancel your plan, you will still have access to the perks of your subscription until the end of the subscription cycle, upon which your account will be reverted back to the free account.
  • Does my subscription end as soon as I cancel it?
    No. You'll have access to the subscription and what it has to offer until the end of your subscription month.
  • I had a promo discount, but when I upgraded, it didn’t apply. Why?
    If you were given a promo discount for a certain subscription, unfortunately, it doesn't carry over if you change to a different one.
  • Can I buy a package of requests so I don’t have to upgrade?
    For now, requests can only be bought via subscriptions. But you can cancel at any time with no penalty if you only need our service only for a month.
  • How do I buy a subscription?
    You can buy a subscription in the "Subscription" section of your account.
    After selecting the plan, make sure to add the Billing address, Payment information and hit the "Update my subscription" button.
    You can always have a look at our plans in our "Pricing Page".
  • If I upgrade my subscription in the middle of my billing cycle, will any portion of my payment for the current subscription be applied to the new one?
    Absolutely! For example, if you upgrade halfway into your subscription, the remaining 50% of what you paid for the current subscription based on your requests usage will be applied to the new plan.
  • Can I pause and start my subscription or choose to pay for only a certain amount of time?
    Yes, you can pause your subscription at the bottom of the Subscription page.

    You can pause your subscription from 1 to 3 months: the pause will start at the end of your current billing period. During this period, you'll have a Free plan and won't be charged. At the end of this period, your subscription will be automatically renewed, with a 30% discount on the first month.

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