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  • How can I change my billing information?
    If you need to change your credit card information, you can do so in the Billing and Invoices tab of your account.
  • Why haven’t I received my invoice via email?
    If, for some reason, you haven't received your invoice in your inbox, first check that it hasn't been sent to the spam folder. If it's not there, you can always find your invoice in the Billing and Invoices section of your account.
  • I just want to use Hunter once to export data. Is that possible?
    Yes. We encourage recurring usage, but you're free to take a subscription just for one month and cancel it when your work is done. You can cancel your subscription at any time at the bottom of the "Subscription" section.
  • Do requests carry over to the next billing period?
    Requests don't carry over to the next billing period. If you need less requests, you can downgrade at anytime to another plan.
  • Is there a free account available?
    Absolutely! Sign up now and get 100 free requests per month to use.
  • How are VAT calculated on Hunter?

    As we are a US company we do not charge any VAT. All Hunter prices are VAT free.

  • What's the difference between monthly and yearly plans?
    "Monthly Plans" will renew every month and they can be cancelled anytime: after that, you won't be charged again and you'll also keep the requests you still have until the end of your billing period.

    "Yearly Plans" offer a 12 month subscription with a 20% discount on the monthly price: if you cancel a Yearly plan you'll still be able to use your paid subscription until the end of the yearly billing period.

  • Why was my payment declined?

    Unfortunately, if your payment gets declined, there is not a lot we can do since this comes from your bank.

    You can increase the chances the payment is accepted by making sure the information you entered are the same your bank have (CVC, cardholder name, postal address for the billing).

    If your payments keep getting declined, we suggest using a different card or contact your bank to allow future transactions.

  • Where can I see my billing history (invoices)?
    You can find all your complete invoices in the Billing and Invoices section of your account. To access the Billing and Invoice section of your account: click on your profile -> Settings -> Billing and Invoices.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    At the moment we do not provide an affiliate program. We will surely include it on our website in case we will add it in the future.
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