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  • Why aren’t I receiving emails from Hunter?
    We do our best to have the best deliverability when we send transactional emails. However, unfortunately, sometimes it may happen that you don’t receive them, even in your spam folder. In this case, please contact us so we can help you!
  • How do I change my account email address?
    You can do this by going to your "Account settings", and clicking on the "Change my email address" link under the "Email" field, which shows your current email address associated with your account.
  • Why haven’t I gotten the "email verification" email?
    Sometimes there can be a short lag in our mail server sending out the verification email. Other times, it may be that your email server marks it as spam, so please make sure to check the spam folder! If you do not get the verification email in a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.
  • Can I share my account to allow someone else accessing it?
    We strongly recommend not to share your credentials with other people. If you need to share a plan with other people, simply add them in the "Team" section of your account.

    They will be able to create their own Hunter accounts and be part of your team.
  • How many accounts can I create?
    You can create 1 account in Hunter as having multiple accounts violates Hunter's Terms of Service.
  • I just paid for a subscription. Why can't I access my account?
    Occasionally, accounts get frozen upon upgrading to a subscription plan. This is due to security reasons and needing to confirm your identity. When this happens, you will get an email from us asking for some information: if you can reply back to us with this information we can unfreeze your account so you can go back hunting new emails!
  • Can I delete my account?
    Yes! You can do that in the Account section of your dashboard. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "I wish to delete my account" button.

    This option is available for every user (free and paying) except from team leaders. If you wish to delete a team account, please contact us.

    Please note: destroying an account will cause the loss of all data associated with it.
  • How do I change my password?
    You can change your password by going to your account settings, inputting the new password into the "password" input field and your current password into the "current password" input field, then clicking "Update my account."
  • Why has my account been blocked or restricted for a suspicious behavior?

    If you're getting an "access denied" error, this means Hunter detected some fraudulent activity happened on your network. For example, many fake accounts may have been created. This doesn't necessarily mean that it was you (or your team) that did this.

    If this happens, just get in touch with us so we can take a look at your account.

  • Who do I need to provide a phone verification?
    To prevent spam and guarantee the security of newly created accounts we may require confirming your account by entering your phone number and receive a confirmation message to unlock your account. Please note, your phone number won't be used in Hunter or provided to any other third party company.
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