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  • Is there a limit for the Email Finder in the Add-on?
    Yes, you will need to process no more than 500 rows to avoid timeouts. In case you should need to process a bigger file, please use the Bulk Email Finder functionality instead.
  • Why does the Email Finder stop working after a while in the Google Sheets Add-on?
    Google limits the maximum duration of a script to 6 minutes. That means you can only find between 300 and 500 email addresses at one time, then re-launch it manually. But for bigger volumes, we recommend using our Bulk Email Finder on Hunter's website.
  • What are the required columns for the Email Finder?

    In the Google Sheets Add-on, these are the columns you need to have to make the Email Finder work:

    • The first name
    • The last name
    • The company name or the domain name of the company

    Please note, the integration will return better results if you provide the domain names instead of the company names in your file.

  • How does the Domain Search work on the add-on?
    Type a domain name to get a list of email addresses. It returns all the publicly available email addresses we found on the web. It's exactly the same search you can do on Hunter's web app.
  • How does the Email Finder work?
    Email Hunter for Google Sheets can enrich your data by finding email addresses using first name, last name, and company website or company name. Just indicate which column is used for each field and see the email addresses appear in a new column on the right of you table.
  • What are the permissions asked from me and why are they required?
    • "View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive": This is necessary to read and write in your spreadsheet, for example, to read first names, last names, and websites to return email addresses in a fourth column.
    • "View and manage data associated with the application": We need this permission to keep you logged in to your Hunter account directly in Google Sheets.
    • "Connect to an external service": We connect to Hunter's API to find email addresses and then display them in your Google Sheets.
  • Is Hunter’s Google Sheets add-on free?
    Yes! You can create a free account and get 100 free searches/month. Discover our premium accounts if you need more.
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