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  • How can I copy an email from the extension or add-on?
    You can simply click on the email address to copy it.
  • Is this extension available on browsers other than Chrome?
    Yes, we also have a Firefox Add-on that can be installed for free.
  • Is there a way to install the extension without using the Chrome Web Store?
    Installing the extension manually may be necessary if your country blocks Google or if you would like to test an unpublished version of the extension. To do so, please follow this short tutorial.
  • Is the Chrome extension free to use?
    Yes! You can create a free account and get 100 free requests/month. Discover our premium accounts if you need more.
  • How do email searches on websites work using the extension?
    Each time you visit a website, simply click Hunter's Chrome Extension to get a list of email addresses directly in your browser. We'll display every email address found on the web associated with the domain name of the site you're visiting. For each email address, the extension will provide the sources where the email was found along with its discovery date.
  • What are the permissions asked from me and why are they required?
    • "Read and change your data on and other websites": We have to ask this permission to allow Hunter's Chrome extension to read your data to adapt pages on the Hunter website when you have installed the extension to provide a better experience. This permission will be also used if we decide to integrate the extension on other websites in the future.

    • "Read your browsing history": This permission is required to get the domain name of the page you're visiting when you click on the browser button so you can make a Hunter search that corresponds to the right website. Please, note the extension only reads the content that is directly required to run the features described only.
    • "Communicate with cooperating websites": This permission is required for communication with Hunter's website. We use it to know if you have installed the extension or not (for example to avoid sending you an email about the Chrome extension if you have already installed it).
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