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  • Can I find email addresses from a list of names and companies?
    Yes! This is what the Bulk Email Finder does. You can upload a .csv file containing names and companies and get the file enriched with the email addresses in return.
  • Is there a maximum size for a bulk file that I can process in Hunter?
    We strongly recommend ensuring your CSV file will be 10 Mb maximum to avoid timeouts and allowing Hunter to quickly process it.
  • Can I use the bulk tools if I’m on a free plan?
    You can use the Email Verification and Email Finder in bulk with a free account. Only the bulk Domain Search requires a subscription to be used.
  • Can I verify several emails at once?
    Yes. You can use the Bulk email verification tool and upload a .txt or .csv file containing a list of email address you'd like to verify (one email on each line), or list out the emails you'd like to verify in the text input box.
  • I need to search for emails from multiple domains, can I do that?
    Absolutely. You can do this with the Bulk Domain Search by either uploading a .txt or .csv file which contains a list of domain names (one on each new line), or by listing domain names in the text input box in the same format (one on each new line).
  • What are the accepted formats for domains in the bulk functionalities?

    You can process domains that have the following formats:

    • domain.com
    • www.domain.com
    • http://www.domain.com
    • https://www.domain.com

    All domains format in the previous lists will be automatically cleaned into this format "domain.com" and processed in the bulk task.

  • Can I get a notification when a bulk task I launched will be completed?
    Sure, simply click the "bell icon" next to a bulk task after launching it and allow the permissions to Hunter to send you a notification once the bulk will be completed.
  • Is there a limit to the email address that can be exported p/domain?
    Yes, we have limited to 100 the email addresses that can be extracted p/domain within a Bulk Domain Search. This is to encourage our user to build more qualified lists rather than big and low-quality exports.
  • What kind of bulk tasks can I do?

    You can perform the following bulk tasks:

    • Domain Search: download a list of email addresses from a list of domain names.
    • Email Verification: verify a list of email addresses to see which have the best deliverability scores.
    • Email Finder: find the email addresses from a list of names and companies.
  • Can I see a preview of a Bulk Domain Search file?
    Yes, after uploading the CSV file simply click the Preview link next to the bulk task to access to a file preview.
  • Is there a limit for the domains or company names that I can process in the Bulk Domain Search?
    Yes, the bulk Domain Search is limited to 25,000 domain names (or company names) per bulk.
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