Bulk Domain Search

The Bulk Domain Search is the right functionality if you need to search email addresses for multiple domains or companies at once. Let us show you in 2 minutes how to create your first Bulk Domain Search.


To get started simply go to the Bulk section of your account.

  1. Click the Access button in the Domain Search section.
  2. Hunter Domain Search Access
  3. Select + New bulk.
  4. Set a List Name in the text box and choose if you want to Upload a file or Enter domain names, one per line.
  5. Email Hunter Bulk Domain Search Name
  6. Choose if you want to upload a list of domains or companies.
  7. Hunter Bulk Domain List Selection

Upload a CSV file with a list of domains or companies

Make sure to create a CSV file with all the domains or companies you want to find the email addresses for. This file can have multiple columns but all the domains or company names should be in the same column.

  1. Click Select a file...
  2. Choose the CSV file you want to find the email addresses for.
  3. Select the domain column in your file and upload the list.
  4. Hunter Bulk Domain Selection
  5. Select Download to save the file.
  6. Hunter Bulk Domain Search Preview
  7. Or click the Preview link to access to a free preview of the file.
  8. Hunter Bulk Domain Search File Preview

Copy and paste a list of domains or companies to find email addresses for them

  1. Copy and paste the list of domains or companies in the text box. Make sure to enter only one domain or company name per line.
  2. Hunter Bulk Domain Copy Paste>

<li>Click <strong>Upload the list</strong>.</li>
<img src=
  3. Select Download and save the file.
  4. Open the file in Excel or a similar software.
  5. Hunter Bulk Domain Search Excel

How to read your Bulk Domain Search file

The CSV file with the email addresses generated by Hunter contains several fields. Let’s have a look at them together:

  1. Email address: the email address found from Hunter.
  2. Domain name: the domain associated with an email address.
  3. Confidence score: an indicator for the deliverability of the email (in %).
  4. Type: an email can be personal or generic.
  5. Sources: the number of sources where you can find that email address.
  6. Pattern: the pattern used for that email address.

The resulted file will also contain additional information for every email address when available:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Telephone number
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile
Hunter Bulk Domain Search Excel Fields


In the Filters section, you’ll be able to:

  1. Set a maximum number of email addresses p/domain or company name: enter the maximum amount of email addresses you want to get for a single domain.
  2. Choose if you want to only get Generic, Personal email addresses or both. Hunter Bulk Domain Search Advanced Settings
  3. Select the department you want to find email addresses for. Hunter Department selection

To sum things up

The Bulk Domain Search functionality can be used by Premium Accounts only.

Hunter Bulk Domain Search Premium Only

A new Bulk Domain Search can be performed in two different methods:

  1. By uploading a CSV file.
  2. By copying and pasting a list of domains or company names.

The following information can be found in a Bulk Domain Search:

  1. The creation date.
  2. The number of email addresses returned.
  3. The number of domains analyzed.
  4. The number of request this search is requiring.

If using company names make sure to use the correct format for them: you will need to remove additional characters such as LLC, brackets, slashes, that are not allowing Hunter to extract the correct company name. A good company name is "Company" and not "Company Ltd".

Bulk Domain Search Usage

You will see an error message in case your plan hasn’t enough available request to perform the task.

The list of email addresses of a Bulk Domain Search can be downloaded multiple times. Only the first download needs requests to be performed.

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