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This help article will show you how to create Leads in Hunter. Leads can be created manually or imported from LinkedIn by using the Hunter’s Chrome extension.

How to create a lead manually

  1. Go to the leads section of your account and select the + New Lead button.
  2. Hunter Google Leads Manual Creation
  3. Complete the fields with the lead’s information.
  4. Hunter Google Leads Manual Creation Information
  5. You can add more information by clicking the More fields link. Once you are ready, hit the Create the lead button.
  6. Hunter Google Leads Manual Creation More Information
  7. You’ll see the new lead at the top of the list.
  8. Hunter Google Leads Manual Creation More Information

How to import leads from LinkedIn

  1. Install the Hunter’s Chrome extension
  2. Go to the LinkedIn profile you’d like to save as lead and click the Hunter’s Chrome extension symbol or the Hunter LinkedIn button.
  3. Select the floppy icon to save the lead. Make sure to select the right list in the drop-down menu.
  4. Hunter Google Leads LinkedIn Leads Buttons
  5. You can also extract multiple leads by clicking the Hunter icon when you have a list of profiles.
  6. Make sure to click the Find email addresses & save leads to import the leads in the selected list.
  7. Hunter Google Leads List LinkedIn Save

Please note: Hunter will notify you if a lead has been already imported by greying out the selection box next to it. In this case, the system won't count this as a request.

Hunter Lead Already Saved

Managing your existing leads

You can manage your leads in the leads section of your account. Click on a lead to see all its information.

Hunter Google Leads Information

In this section it’s possible to connect a lead to one of our integrations and to delete it.

Hunter Google Leads Additional Information

Your list of leads can be downloaded once at a time by clicking the Download in CSV button in the leads section.

Simply open the CSV file with Excel or a similar software to edit or view to the downloaded leads.

Hunter Google Leads Download Excel

Move leads to a different list

One or more leads can be move to a different list in just a couple of clicks.

  1. Select the leads you would like to move.
  2. Hunter Google Leads Move Selection
  3. Click the Move to button and select the destination list and confirm the procedure.
  4. Hunter Google Leads Move List
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